Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last week bought some Mamee Sllrrrp cup noodles back. Normally I will boil some water then pour into the noodle's cup, then close the lid and wait for like 3 minutes. But this is the first time I'm using a microwave oven. I follow the instruction on the lid of the Mamee Sllrrrp cup noodle, open the lid completely, pour water until the ring, and put into microwave oven for 4 minutes using HIGH mode.

I then went back to my room, facebooking while waiting for my Mamee Sllrrrp. After 4 minutes I went back to my microwave oven, but to my surprise the kari soup spilled all over in the microwave oven (too bad I cleaned the mess straight after I saw it, did not take a photo of it). The noodles was too soft too.

I think I followed the instructions well. I recommend the cooking time to be less than 4 minutes would be better, perhaps 3 minutes is enough. I will try again the next time I wanna Sllrrrp a Mamee cup noodle :p Cooking is all about experience, hahaha.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Windows 7 Professional installed

After almost 1 year of the launch of Windows 7, finally I have Windows 7 installed in my laptop. Yeah I know I was a bit late, but late better than never, right? When I bought my laptop it comes with Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The package include a free upgrade to Windows 7 of the same Home Premium version upon the launch. Although the upgrade kit is free but I have to pay for the shipment fee which is USD18, which is about RM60 at the time I requested for it. Got the upgrade kit about 2 weeks later, but the upgrade kit, which is just a CD/DVD (I don't know what it really is), is still wrapped properly inside. Yes I never open it, lol. Due to my laziness I keep delaying installing/upgrading my Windows.

Not long after that I learned that UPM has some kind of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Academic Alliance which gives science students FREE version of Windows and a lot more softwares (but disappointed Microsoft Office is not included). I did not waste the chance to grab my free copy of Windows 7. After I got my ID and password, I try to login to the website given and I was shock that where are so many softwares available for free. Not only Windows, but SQL, .NET, VB, Visio and a lot more. I downloaded Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Then, it was months later until recently I installed Windows 7 in my laptop. Due to my older version of Windows Vista is 32-bit and the Windows 7 is 64-bit, I can't just upgrade the windows, a clean install is needed. I think it's much more user friendly than my old Vista, should have installed it earlier. Highly recommended for those who still using Windows Vista.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chili Pan Mee - Kin Kin Restaurant (建记辣椒板面) @ Chow Kit, KL

I never heard of chili Pan Mee until my friend Fish & Elephant brought me to the shop last month... kinda outdated, lol. I woke up in the afternoon after watching World Cup 2010 semi final the night before and have something to sort later, but the idea of chili pan mee was so tempting that I agreed to have our lunch there. I remembered I took the photo of the shop but I couldn't find it!!! So far I have visited the shop twice, and likely to go there again in the near future.

Meat balls

The meat balls are for 4 of us, it taste so so only. Their best are in the pan mee I suppose. The soup are nice, at least they are not giving ajinomoto soup. I think the soup is the same for pan mee soup.

The size of the pan mee is not big (or pretty small?), 4 of us ordered 7 bowls of pan mee (not really sure if the size of pan mee really small or our appetite are big).

This is the magic. It made the pan mee a 'chili pan mee'.

Then you have to mix them, together with the egg. It's a half-cooked egg with the yolk in liquid. So mix them up and u'll have the chili pan mee.

This is the end product. In the beginning I put 1 spoonful of the chili, but later I add another spoon. The special chili made all the difference to the pan mee, as it doesn't taste good without the chili. I like the pan mee itself too, it's 'Q' enough (what's 'Q' in English? like not too soft or hard, just nice).

40 Ground Floor,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur

Shopping in Jusco for Mamee

Few days ago I went to Jusco Equine Park (the one which had a bomb scare recently) to stock in some foods. Did the shopping like once a month, and this is the time when my house will be flooded with snacks, biscuits, instant noodles etc. Recently I was attracted to Mamee's new product, Mamee Sllrrrp so I went to search for it there. The choices in Jusco are soooooo little that only 3 flavours available there (not sure whether it was due to the products are too hot and sold out, or they did not have the stock at all). I remember there are a lot more when I shop at Giant Sunway some time ago...

there's only 2 flavours of Mamee Sllrrrp cup noodles...

enough for 1 month? yes? no?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eat at home

Do any of you having the same problem like me when you wanna decide which place you should go for a meal? Headache when thinking where to have lunch/dinner, so sometimes I just eat at home. I'm not very good at cooking so the solution is instant noodles~ and yeah my favourite is Mamee Sllrrrp! This time got no choice of flavour because there is only 1 left, which is kari berapi. 

the only mamee left in my kitchen... have to stock in soon
this egg was cooked using microwave oven, nicer than the one in the other post eh?
Mamee cooked together with sausage and fish balls~ 
The final product!! Yummy yum~~

Best Friend Dim Sum Restaurant

In the beginning I just wanted to 'dabao' (take away) the 'Kam Sa Pau'(金沙包), but once I reach there somehow I decided to dine in. So a simple breakfast has now become a heavy breakfast.

Ma Lai Kou - Malay Kueh

Lo Bak Kou here is pretty nice but I did not take in consideration that we are only two people today. So this Lo Bak Kou is the main factor too full :p
Lo Bak Kou

The egg tart here is small and cute. Can finish 1 egg tart once in a time, hahaha.
Egg Tart

Har Kau is a dim sum with prawn inside. Har in cantonese means prawn. But the Har Kau here is actually in very small size compare to other places.
Har Kau

This is the Kam Sa Pau or direct translate is Golder Sand Pau. You have to eat it hot, it is sooooooo nice. But if the pau is softer then will be better.

Overall, these six types are too much for two person. Perhaps should have substituted the Lo Bak Kou with other or just five would be enough.

Best Friend Dim Sum Restaurant is located at Serdang. The full address is No. 1717, Jalan SK 6/1, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Two shops beside Fei Lou Restaurant.

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

Yesterday I went to Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens for dinner after watching Salt (not bad eh this movie) at Mid Valley. It was a long queue outside the restaurant. But from my experiences of queuing at Sushi Zanmai, diners of two will normally get their seats soon, and yeah we did. If you are in a larger group then u might have to wait like 45 minutes? While queuing one of the waiter has already given us the menu and taken our orders. So once we get in we just need to give the "Captain's Order" to the waiter inside.

we were sitting in front of the conveyor belt
while waiting :p
Inari Kanimayo Yaki & Salmon Mentai. I like Inari Kanimayo more~
Cranky Salmon Maki. The orange colour's maki taste better
Unadon! seems like I never miss unadon every time I go for sushi
Chuka Chinmi. This should be the appetizer but came a little bit late...
Soft Shell Crab Maki. 1 of my all time favourite too~
Dragon Roll! Slices of avocado on top of the sushi, yummy!!!