Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last week bought some Mamee Sllrrrp cup noodles back. Normally I will boil some water then pour into the noodle's cup, then close the lid and wait for like 3 minutes. But this is the first time I'm using a microwave oven. I follow the instruction on the lid of the Mamee Sllrrrp cup noodle, open the lid completely, pour water until the ring, and put into microwave oven for 4 minutes using HIGH mode.

I then went back to my room, facebooking while waiting for my Mamee Sllrrrp. After 4 minutes I went back to my microwave oven, but to my surprise the kari soup spilled all over in the microwave oven (too bad I cleaned the mess straight after I saw it, did not take a photo of it). The noodles was too soft too.

I think I followed the instructions well. I recommend the cooking time to be less than 4 minutes would be better, perhaps 3 minutes is enough. I will try again the next time I wanna Sllrrrp a Mamee cup noodle :p Cooking is all about experience, hahaha.

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